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Open All-Star Game Thread

I love the All-Star Game, but without Lincecum in the game, I think I'll just play Civilization all night...

Ah, who am I kidding? I still like watching the players I don't get to see that often. Hanley Ramirez, for one, and Joe Mauer for another. I'll watch, and I'll enjoy it.

But those bastard Germans want me to give up the secret of Printing Press for four turns of peace! I can't just ignore their bleating for an entire day. I have an image to uphold, and pikemen to build.

But I also like that the AL starter's name sounds like an adverb.

"Cliffly, he walked through the camel tent with his shoes off..."

And Brian Wilson is fun to watch, even if we all know that Giants pitchers give up grand slams to Fred Lynn and 550-ft. homers to Bo Jackson, or they bean Edgar Martinez in the noggin. I'll predict that Wilson allows at least two baserunners, but he ultimately holds the lead.

Verdict: I'm a watching, and I'll enjoy it.