All-Pathetic Giants Team

Continued from last night's gameday thread. Using players from your lifetime as a fan, construct the worst possible Giants team you can imagine.

I'll start:

C: Yamid Haad

1B: Todd Benzinger (I take him over J.R. Phillips because of how truly pathetic it was to replace Will Clark with Benzinger)

2B: Brad Wellman

3B: Kim Batiste

SS: Johnny LeMaster

LF: Mark Leonard

CF: Shawon Dunston

RF: Marvin Benard (2003 version)

Bench: Bob Melvin, Glenallen Hill, Charlie Hayes (1999 version), Desi Wilson, Mike Felder

SP: Barry Zito

SP: Terry Mulholland (1995 version)

SP: Brett Tomko

SP: Sergio Valdez

SP: Osvaldo Fernandez

RP: Armando Benitez

RP: Jeff Brantley

RP: Dave Righetti (1993 version)

RP: Jose Bautista

RP: Doug Henry

RP: Rich DeLucia

RP: Alan Embree


There are surprisingly few current Giants on the list. Just Zito, actually.

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