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Open Gameday Thread, 6/6

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Ah, baseball. It's so much more disappointing when the current Giants actually play the games. I'd rather they just drafted every week or so, and interrupt the drafts with only the Lincecum starts.


San Francisco Giants @ Washington Nationals

06/06/08 4:35 PM PDT

San Francisco Giants Washington Nationals
Fred Lewis - LF Cristian Guzman - SS
Jose Castillo - 3B Elijah Dukes - RF
Randy Winn - RF Lastings Milledge - CF
Bengie Molina - C Aaron Boone - 1B
Aaron Rowand - CF Kory Casto - 3B
John Bowker - 1B Jesus Flores - C
Travis Denker - 2B Felipe Lopez - 2B
Omar Vizquel - SS Ryan Langerhans - LF
Tim Lincecum - P Jason Bergmann - P