i love "fire joe morgan"

this from junior in a response to a woody paige article that ruminates on the "impending" trade of matt holliday and how the giants might fit in


The Giants? Holliday would be The New Left Fielder, and perhaps the Rockies could pry Tim Lincecum, and others, away from them.

And just like that, Woodhouse changes his bargaining strategy from "I'll give you Holliday for half a Southern Chicken Sandwich" to "I demand a foursome with the owner's wife and twin daughters." Timmy Lincecum strikes out 68 batters per inning and is controlled for five and a half more years.

In Wood-dar's universe, this translates to: "We'll give you 200-odd games of Holliday for him, but you'll have to throw in 'and others.'"

I guess maybe this would work if Holliday were 38 and you could sell Sabean on his veteran experience.

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