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Open Gameday Thread, 6/30

If the Giants had signed Ted Lilly to the contract given to him by the Cubs, I would have complained for a month. Lucky for us, we signed Zito, so we didn't need to sign Lilly to some long contract for too much money.

I wonder what ol' Sparky would have written about Zito, now that I think about it....


Chicago Cubs @ San Francisco Giants

06/30/08 7:15 PM PDT

Chicago Cubs San Francisco Giants
Kosuke Fukudome - RF Fred Lewis - LF
Ryan Theriot - SS Jose Castillo - 3B
Derrek Lee - 1B Randy Winn - RF
Geovany Soto - C Bengie Molina - C
Mark DeRosa - 3B Aaron Rowand - CF
Jim Edmonds - CF Rich Aurilia - 1B
Matt Murton - LF Travis Denker - 2B
Ronny Cedeno - 2B Emmanuel Burriss - SS
Ted Lilly - P Barry Zito - P