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Two options for today’s post:

1. We could talk about Zito! All things Zito! Is he back? Did he leave? Can he sustain this? Was this start just a fluky outlier? Zito! All things Zito! His velocity was up! No, it was the same! Wait, it was the improved control! The different arm angle! Today’s topic of discussion: All things Zito! How can he be fixed? What’s broken? Can he be fixed? Let’s study his mechanics! Let’s study the organizational options! Let’s study the mechanics of the organization! Let’s organize the study of his mechanics! Let’s mechanize the organization of this study, shall we? All things Zito!


2. We haven’t had an Open Reading Thread in a while. Not on the main page, at least. Heck, the game starts in a couple of hours, so you can get your baseball fix then. What have you been reading lately? I just finished The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, which was dee-lightful, and I’ve just started on Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. The author’s use of similes is like a dark red cicada emerging from its pupa stage to begin the latent machinations it was born asunder to do no other way about. 

I’m trying to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, and I’m always looking for tips on what to read. Open reading thread.