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Rod Serling-Approved! Snopes-Rejected!

The Giants/Indians connection runs strong. Both franchises have a history of hapless aversion to World Series titles. It’s a strong history, too. The Indians would have won a championship if it weren’t for a bullpen collapse at the wrong time. The Giants would have won a championship if it weren’t for a bullpen collapse at the wrong time. Both franchises deserve national pity; both franchises have had their rightful claim to national pity stolen by the pity-thieving Chicago Cubs.

There was a movie (Major League) that centered on the Indians, and there was a movie (The Fan) that centered on the Giants. Both featured Wesley Snipes attempting to portray someone who could play baseball.

Here’s another weird one. Both Jose Mesa and Armando Benitez – vilified closers in Cleveland and San Francisco, respectively – were born in the same country! Not only that, but the population of the Dominican Republic is under ten million. Considering that the world’s population is over six billion, how weird is it that they both come from a country that represents .0016 of the world’s population? Spooky, right?

It doesn’t stop there. Jose Mesa means "Joe Table" in Spanish. Armando Benitez means "Deceivingly Adequate Reliever Who Chokes at Inappropriate Times" in Spanish. Mesa was a deceivingly adequate reliever who choked at an inappropriate time, while Benitez often ate at tables.

Even the cities have something in common. Cleveland used to be the punchline for cheap jokes. The San Francisco-based band Journey used to be the punchline for cheap jokes. Over the past decade, though, both Cleveland and Journey have improved their standing in the Non-ironic Appreciation Index. In fact, here’s an earnest petition for Journey’s inclusion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…which is located in Cleveland!

The last time the Giants won a championship, it was against the Indians. The last time the Indians won a championship, it wasn’t against the Giants, but Al Rosen was a big part of the winning team. The same Al Rosen who was the General Manager during the successful-yet-ultimately soul-peeling seasons of 1987 and 1989? The very same.

Wait, though. It gets stranger. Al Rosen’s secretary’s name was Joan Hart. The GM for the ‘90s Indians – John Hart – had a secretary named Rose Allen.

So I, for one, welcome this regular season meeting of two star-crossed franchises. Head on over to Let’s Go Tribe and exchange Cory Snyder anecdotes.

Comment starter: I’m sure I missed some more obvious and eerie connections. Try and find some of your own. Explain your findings with copious italics. As in, "Frank Robinson managed awful teams for both franchises!"