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Open Hey-I-Remember-that-Game Thread

A couple of years ago, there was a "bestest game ever"-thread. It might be time for another. Last night’s game might not be on my list in ten years, but I floated out of the park last night. Part of the excitement stems from my recent history of attendance, as I’m about 2-18 over my last 20 games. I wish I had the time and technological know-how to present my recent list as if it were a commercial for a Time-Life CD collection.

"Grant has also seen such gems as…Barry Zito gives up six earned in the first two innings!... Bullpen blows win for Matt Cain… Ray Durham swallows baseball when trying to turn game-ending double play… Scott Munter throws a sinker high in the strike zone and, somehow, the hitter was waiting for it… and much, much more!"

So allow me to take some extra pleasure in the events of last night’s game. The game looked like it was lost on a blown call. Lincecum was going to get slapped with a loss because an umpire was out of position. It was all looking down until John Bowker did that thing where the ball goes over the fence. Apparently, when that happens, it isn’t just a ground-rule double; the umpires let the hitter go all the way around the bases! I looked it up, and apparently it’s more common than I thought. Little known fact: it’s actually a Giants player who has the most "over-the-fence base hits" in the history of baseball.

Actually, the "bestest game ever attended"-thread is a bit limiting. How about a good game that sticks out in your mind, whether you personally attended it or not? For example, I’ll always remember the Mark Lewis grand slam against the Mets for some reason. Dig around, and see what you find. Open Hey-I-Remember-that-Game Thread.