Pablo Sandoval and small sample size

Now, I liked Pablo Sandoval last year.  Not as a real prospect, but as someone interesting.  He played catcher, at least sometimes, and after he hit 338/346/581 in June and 304/309/543 in July at age 21, I figured, hey -- even in the Cal League, a name worth watching.

This year, he wasn't promoted, then hit like Babe Ruth in April.  Et voila, he was, perhaps justly, seen as a real prospect in a system almost entirely bare of hitters.  Promote the man now, cried the assembled masses.  He's clearly too good for high A.

Since that incredible April, he hit a merely solid 321/385/431 in May and a disappointing 243/263/378 in the short portion of June we've played.  Neither of which worries me.  Both of which remind me that anything can happen in a hundred plate appearances.

Now, Sandoval did step up in the spring and 453/500/895 for a month.  That's a good thing, and portends more hope for future performance than a Giants fan can usually expect from a non-overaged hitter in its farm system.  I have hopes.  Still, until he puts up more months like that, there's no rush to promote him, and he won't be much of a hitting prospect outside this very thin system.

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