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The Cognac Blues

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The morning after a bottle of Brad Hennessey:

16 innings, 38 hits, seven walks, 12 strikeouts, and 23 earned runs

That's what I've always imagined Charlie Brown's line would like. Hennessey has been in 11 games, and the opponents have scored runs off him in nine of those games. In seven games, he's given up multiple runs.

It's usually silly to make judgments based on one month, but it isn't as if Hennessey is still pumping sinkers in the low-90s and getting beat. He started the year in the mid-80s, and he's had a couple of appearances in the high-80s, but he isn't throwing with the same velocity that he was after moving to a setup/backup closer role last year. And it isn't helping that his slider isn't sliding.

The options:

a) Designate him for assignment, which would expose him to waivers. If he clears waivers, send him to Fresno. If another team shows interest, try and work out a trade.

b) Stick with him. His batting average on balls-in-play indicates that he's also had a substantial amount of poor luck. Maybe he shared a straw with Matt Cain.

Them's the options, and they ain't pretty. I sincerely doubt a team would claim him right now. I sincerely doubt the Giants would kick up too much of a fuss if he were claimed. He's already in his arbitration years, and the Giants have some arms in AA and AAA to replace him.

But the spot-starting, pseudo-setup guy from 2007 did have some value to a team, don't forget. Kicking him to the curb after one bad month seems like a pretty drastic step.

Comment starter: A or B?

Edit: Apparently Hennessey had an option left. That memo was never forwarded to my mother's basement.