Because inquiring minds want to know, here is where Timothy LeRoy Lincecum's middle name came from.

It is a family name, on Tim's father's side. First of all, it isn't pronounced LEE-roy, as Leroy Keyes' name was. It is pronounced luh-ROY. The name came from Tim's great grandfather, whose name was LeRoy Lincecum, rather alliterative in sound. Tim's dad Chris also has the middle name of LeRoy.

Tim's grandfather was named Leo Lincecum.  It was grandpa Leo who spent hours catching Chris, who developed what I guess one could call the Lincecum method, the Lincecum mechanics or the Lincecum style.

Tim's older brother Sean, who also could throw the heck out the ball but twice injured his shoulder playing football, effectively ending any pitching aspirations he might have had, has the middle name Leo.  Tim and Chris both have the middle name LeRoy (don't call me Leroy).

Is that confusing enough, Lilliputans?


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