AA dilemma

I got to go see the Conn. Defenders play in New Britain last night, nice game, 6 - 4 victory as covered in the Minor Lines thread.  Seems like almost no one on that team is over .250, but the offense looked great.

Anyway, got to reading about the team a bit, and came across this recent article from a local writer:

Defenders' Affiliation Has Been a Giant Pain

Sounds like no one is very happy with the situation.  Only other opinion I found on the subject was a Defenders blogger that agreed. The attendance is the worst in the league.

Looking at other AA options, there are a bunch of teams that are coming up for renewal this year, but very few that might actually consider moving.  Seems like SF/Norwich is about as poor a geographical situation as there is in AA ball......maybe Seattle would prefer it to West Tennessee, the cold might work out a bit better for them.  Ideally they'd end up somewhere in the Texas League.

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