Magowan regrets not getting vlad,0,4454304.story?track=rss

In 2003, the Angels invested $70 million over five years in a guy who did not play for seven weeks that year because of a bad back. The Dodgers passed on Vladimir Guerrero during their ownership transition. The San Francisco Giants passed too. His back has held up.

Guerrero never has had a teammate hit 30 homers in a season, but the Giants could have batted him behind Barry Bonds. As he retired Friday, Giants owner Peter Magowan said he regretted not pursuing Guerrero.

"I remember the baseball guys saying we've got some reservations about him with his back," Magowan told the San Francisco Chronicle. "In retrospect, he's certainly a guy we wish we'd have been able to get."


dont we all regret that? isnt that what most giants fans were screaming for back then? i wonder if he also regrets paying for zito and passing on carlos lee (admittedly, i dont know the details of their pursuit of lee, but i remember hearing that they made an offer). kinda wish we had lee right now batting cleanup and no zito to worry about


oh hindsight, you harsh mistress

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