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Open Gameday Thread, 5/18

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I am truly awful when it comes to maintaining an updated list of Giants blogs. New blogs come, and I forget to put them up. Old blogs defunctify, and I forget to take them down. Throughout it all, I forget to link to the ones that consistently put out great content, like Xanthan's Bay City Ball, Martin's Obsessive Giants Compulsive, Brute/Baron's work at SF Dugout, and Chulk/Kenshin's work at Giants Cove.

Don't stay too long, though. You'll get bad ideas. Like, if you go to Bay City Ball, you'll read actual analysis, and then you'll expect that kind of stuff here. Don't hold your breath, though I do have a post in the works that analyzes Zito within the context of Calvinball. Preview: It turns out that he's really good.

Then there are the new blogs that I neglect to mention, like Orange, Black, and Blue. Andrew Baggerly has a new blog here that looks fantastic. Bonus points: He gives a shout out to Steve S.

I've updated my blogroll, so let me know if I've prematurely ditched or forgotten one.