Designing and implementing a 92 mph Zito

Crossing the Bridge: A closer look at what happened to Barry Zito

The Linky Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(read the article, dammit, not what is below)

75 words to my heart ba-by

don't say MAY-BE!

oooooooo woooo woooo

Where's my fastball late-ly?

Please don't say that you hate me

Dr. Octagon messed me up great-ly

Now I'll have to work at a bake-ry

To Mr. Magowan it might be haz-y

He didn't wanna, but the devil made me

Now I drink and my hands are shay-key


take me to the bridge

hot pants with stirrup socks...

(I warned you)


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