Magowan Steps Down; New MGP Named

Confirming what we already knew:

Peter Magowan will announce Friday that he plans to retire as the Giants' managing general partner and president at the end of this season, ending a 16-year reign that brought to San Francisco a new ballpark, Barry Bonds, a World Series and, ultimately, scorn as the team became the eye of the baseball steroids storm.

He will be replaced by William Neukom, former Microsoft lead counsel and president of the American Bar Association. Larry Baer, who has been the executive vice president of the Giants and right-hand man to Magowan, will step up to become team president.

There's also this tidbit about Sabean:

General manager Brian Sabean, whose contract runs through 2009, is expected to survive the management change and could emerge with more authority if Neukom takes a less visible role than Magowan did.


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