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Sometime today, one of you will be the 10,000,000th page view for McCovey Chronicles. Confetti will fall, bugles will sound, a guy with a bow-tie will hand you an oversized novelty will be fantastic.

Note: Obviously, there will not be a check. In fact, the guy with the bow tie could probably use a couple of bucks for the bus ride home. "Fantastic" is, as always, a relative term. And, sure, this accomplishment would mean more to me if I knew that HowTheyScored wasn't responsible for 9,000,000 of the page views from his secret stalker's lair, but I'll take what I can get.

Ten million page views. Advertisers were willing to pay me about $.00005 for each one of those views, so you know we're doing something right here at McCovey Chronicles. Thanks for being a part of it.