Tickets available for Sunday, May 18th

Hello, this is Pants Man. Being a new parent is a wonderful thing, but the lack of sleep associated with it can cause you to do things like forget your screen name password. Or let your domain name registration expire, thereby killing your email address and making it quite difficult to recover your password. Or schedule your annual tailgate party for the day of the Bay To Breakers, losing a core group of regulars in the process.

For these reasons, I find myself with 12-15 of my 40 tickets in Section 317 for Sunday's game still available. The tickets are $21 each (face value is $26)... you can swing by the Lot A tailgate to pick them up or I could leave them for you at WIll Call.

Come out and see Matt Cain pitch and Ozzie Guillen do something ridiculous. Or, if you're already going, head by Lot A before the game for a beer. And, keep in mind, when a few McCovenites get together at a ball game... big things happen.

Post here or send an email to for more info.

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