Sabean thinks Giants can contend in '08...


It's a scary thought  , although I wouldn't really expect him to say anything differently. Here are some highlights of the article:

Sabean sees a San Francisco team that can contend.

Not in two seasons, not next season, but in 2008."As long as we've got a chance to stay in and around third place, why not?" Sabean said as he stood along the dugout rail and watched his players take batting practice. "Why wouldn't you want to think that way? These guys think that way.

He plans on keeping his "most marketable" veterans, for now...(sorry Nate)

With that in mind, Sabean said he does not contemplate moving his most marketable experienced players before the trade deadline, as many rebuilding teams do. Catcher Bengie Molina and outfielder Randy Winn, both signed through 2009, might yield the most in return. But as of now, Sabean plans to keep them.

"Both of those guys are unique," he said. "On any team, whether you're in transition or you're a veteran team, you want a veteran catcher. You want somebody like Molina who has an upside with the bat. In Randy's case it's the same thing, somebody who is so versatile, a switch-hitter who can play all three outfield positions. Their relative value is going to be consistent no matter what year it is or who you have around them."

He goes on to say that with Castillo and Bowker they have found solutions at first and third, so hopefully this means no outrageous trades for Crede or any other mediocre veteran corner INF.

At least there is still plenty of time left in the season for this team to change his mind.



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