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Pre-Gameday Chatter

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Some of my most profound writing comes in the mornings before a day game. There was that time I wrote about that one player, and there was that other time that I wrote about that other player. Both were brilliant pieces. They were ignored, however, once the game started in the afternoon. I can't waste my streaks of brilliance like that. There are only so many bullets of genius in my gun of profundity, as Alexander Pope or Clive Cussler once wrote.

Instead, I'll give an open-ended comment starter:

This season, I have been pleasantly surprised at _____.

My entry: John Bowker's defense at first base. It hasn't been flawless, but it's been better than anyone had a right to expect. Get this team an upper-level shortstop and third baseman, and there is something close to an interesting thirty-or-under player at every position.