Danger- Brain at Work

I suppose one can only hope that if Magowan does step down and sell out that this kind of thing may be nipped in the bud but...

How long ago was it a few of us wondered whether Brain would be over-encouraged by the performance of the team?  Coupled with the several mentions of Joe Crede that have appeared (even Jon Miller, shame on him), I'm getting nervous.

For those to lazy to click on the link, the Brainiest quotes are:

"When you consider some of our challenges in spring training and some of the question marks, we've got to be considered one of the most improved teams in baseball."

"I feel good about some of our choices. We've now got a solution at first base. We've got a solution at third."

"....With that in mind, Sabean said he does not contemplate moving his most marketable experienced players before the trade deadline, as many rebuilding teams do."  [In fairness he is referring to Winn and Molina, but it seems the league has already communicated to him that those are the only tradeable pieces that are not pitchers who only shave once per week]

If only we could all drink the same kool-aid from Brian Cancer's rose-colored shot glasses.

I too am glad Omar is back and seems to be playing well, and that seems to have invigorated things (and broken up the losing streak), but I'm more than a little concerned that between the lines of this article lay a Sanchez for Crede or a Lincecum for Rios. 



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