Dan Johnson Thoughts

Well, sadly, I've been thinking about Dan Johnson a lot these past few weeks. I know there was a sort of ground swell here at mccovey chronicles to pick up Mr. Johnson when he was DFA'd (twice). After many, many hours of quite, contemplative thought on the subject, I have to say the Giants' made the correct decision in not picking him up. I know that many think that Bowker should be in AAA, but the more I see him play, the more I like him. Even in the depths of his slump, he hit quite a few balls hard, and they all found gloves. He seems to be adjusting to the superior off speed offerings at the highest level, and he finally hit a HR against a team not named after a small red bird. My point, in this boring, long winded, over 75 word post, is that Bowker hitting against right handers is great, Johnson can suck it in Durham. I hope he does hit the bull, however.

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