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Open Gameday Thread, 5/14

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Houston Astros @ San Francisco Giants

05/14/08 7:15 PM PDT

Houston Astros San Francisco Giants
Michael Bourn - CF Fred Lewis - LF
Kazuo Matsui - 2B Ray Durham - 2B
Miguel Tejada - SS Randy Winn - RF
Lance Berkman - 1B Bengie Molina - C
Carlos Lee - LF Aaron Rowand - CF
Hunter Pence - RF John Bowker - 1B
Mark Loretta - 3B Jose Castillo - 3B
Brad Ausmus - C Emmanuel Burriss - SS
Brian Moehler - P Pat Misch - P

Mischion Impossible.

When you Misch upon a star...

Misch Congeniality...

Misch heads, Misch heads, roly-poly Misch heads....

Misch of the North Star....

I think I'm done for a while. Now, under no circumstances are you to keep the puns going until the game starts. That would be awful.