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Link Dump

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It’s been a while since I’ve mailed one in shared a bunch of links with you. The comments section is for you to provide links of your own.

  • has a mock draft, which has the Giants taking Tim Beckham. Yes, please.
  • Barry Zito is now officially a punchline. Expect "Better Homes and Gardens" to write that the ghost orchid is "the Barry Zito of perennials."
  • In case you didn’t hear, Nate Bump is back with the Giants’ organization. For those who don’t recall, Bump was one of the "big two" pitching prospects (along with Jason Grilli) traded for Livan Hernandez. At the time, the internet baseball nerd consortium was ready to take up arms. "They traded Bump? The Nate Bump? And Grilli too? Ye gods…" Upon closer inspection, neither was a really exceptional prospect. It’s good to have him back, though.
  • I’m not sure if someone already posted this link, but Slate had a great series of articles on baseball in the Dominican Republic. Juan Marichal is the subject of the third installment.

That’s what I have for now, but I encourage you to flood the comments section with links both relevant and frivolous. For example, here’s my favorite album of the year so far, and here’s an offensive and not-safe-for-work piece of sketch comedy that always makes me laugh.