advice on seeing a game at Fenway?

So I have to be in Boston the weekend of Aug 1-3 (Fri/Sat/Sun). I haven't been to the East Coast in about 15 years, and I figure I should take the opportunity to visit Fenway. Boston happens to be at home that weekend (hosting the A's, but the visiting team doesn't matter to me).

I went to the Red Sox's website but it appears you can't buy tickets to home games there. I suspect that, Boston being Boston, they were all sold out before the season began, or perhaps you can only buy one if your family has been in New England for 800 years or you're a Kennedy or something along those lines.

Does anyone know I might go about purchasing tickets in advance? Or do I just have to wing it and deal with scalpers? Since it's a weekend I imagine it would be even more difficult to get a ticket. But any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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