Sabean is dumb, but not that dumb Mr. Williams

Found this blurb funny ion SFGATE.COM:

Crede talk: With the White Sox due in this weekend, it is fair to ask why the Giants did not pull the trigger in spring training and trade for Chicago third baseman Joe Crede, who had seven homers and 25 RBIs through Monday.

According to a source, the White Sox first asked the Giants for Jonathan Sanchez, then upped their demand to Sanchez plus either pitchers Madison Bumgarner or Tim Alderson, the team's top two draft picks in 2007, or 17-year-old first-base prospect Angel Villalona. The source said the Giants did not want to give away that much for a player set to become a free agent after the 2008 season.

Who the hell would give up any of those guys for Crede? Is this source just a crackhead from the southside? Could the Giants have even traded Bumgarner this summer? Sanchez alone to me would have been an overpayment.

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