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Open Gameday Thread 5/11

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The search function for this site has been improved. Details from the wrench-turners:

  • Improved UI: clean, open search page designed for ease of scanning results and to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Comments are searchable again.
  • With one search you can view the number of results for all content: front-page stories, FanPost, FanShots and comments. One click to view those results.
  • Relevant excerpts with highlighted keyword matches are displayed with every result
  • You can sort by date or by relevancy
  • Pages for matching players, events and teams, including quick links to stats, rosters, news and schedule are displayed in results.
  • Power search allows you to fine tune your query, show more results per page and filter your search by user or date.
  • Easily increase the scope of your search by including results from the league or the entire SB Nation network with the tabs at the top.
  • If you're looking for something posted by a particular user, just click their name anywhere on the network and use the search box on their profile to automatically filter results by their name.
  • The search results will also retrieve a LOLcat or motivational poster relevant to the search term you enter.

So rejoice. Now when someone claims they never called Tom O'Malley a first-round pick, you can search the archives to shame them.

Note: these powers are not to be used to make me look bad.

Other note: I might have made that last bullet point up.