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Open Gameday Thread, 4/28

The defending National League champs come into town, and th...

...wait, did the Rockies really win the pennant last year, or was that just a horrible nightmare? Matt Herges was there...Yorvit Torrealba was there...and LaTroy Hawkins was there too!

At least they're currently behind the Giants. That probably won't last, but we should enjoy it while it lasts.


Colorado Rockies @ San Francisco Giants

04/28/08 7:15 PM PDT

Colorado Rockies San Francisco Giants
Willy Taveras - CF Randy Winn - RF
Todd Helton - 1B Emmanuel Burriss - SS
Matt Holliday - LF Ray Durham - 2B
Garrett Atkins - 3B Bengie Molina - C
Brad Hawpe - RF Aaron Rowand - CF
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Rich Aurilia - 1B
Jeff Baker - 2B Jose Castillo - 3B
Yorvit Torrealba - C Dan Ortmeier - LF
Franklin Morales - P Matt Cain - P