How about we send Zito to Fresno?

there are obviously 128 million reasons why the front office would never do this, but haven't we all seen enough? and by "we all" i mean fans, giants personnel, front office staff, and the world at large (except, of course, every other team in the league).

1. does he have options?

2. does anyone in the front office have the cojones to send him there until he works out his problems?

3. if he doesn't have options, is any other team crazy enough to claim him?


isn't it standard fair for teams to send young pitchers to the minors to work out their OBVIOUS problems, even if that pitcher has already pitched in the majors?


wouldn't it be nice to see a young pat misch get a start , or even (gulp) yabu? maybe we could send hennessy back to the rotation?

Zito is freakin 0 and 5 and even if we got 2 wins out of those five with someone else, we'd look a hell of a lot better than we do now

o.k., my Zito rant is over...i don't have a .gif like grant does of the british fop hitting his horse , but i guess if i did i'd insert it here. i'm sorry if it's overkill, just none of my friends are baseball fans and you guys are the only ones who understand my frustration

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