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Open Gameday Thread, 4/10

Superstitious, are you? Wishing Natto had opened this Gameday Thread, eh? Even though Natto is the Elvis Grbac to my Steve Young, I won't dissuade you all from thinking that his Gameday Threads are some sort of magic. We all need to believe in something.

But we all know there is only one time-honored superstition that is empirically proven to work. Along with the superstition, you receive free sodas, a soulmate, and milestone victories. Shipping and handling are extra, but it's a fantastic deal. I'm going tonight.

My superstition reigns supreme. What, do you think that because I'm actively crowing about the validity of a good-luck superstition before it happens that the Giants will suffer a crushing loss? Ha! I'd like to see that happen! Not in a million years. *makes offensive gesture towards sky, ostensibly to baseball gods* Do your worst!

So, uh, yeah. Correia vs. Adam Wainwright.