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(knocking on door)

Noah Lowry: Who's there?

Optimism Week: Candygram.

Noah Lowry: Ooh! A candygram!

(Lowry opens the front door)

(A foam Optimism Week mauls Noah Lowry)

No more days or weeks will be devoted exclusively to optimism ever again. Ye gods.

So while I have a link to a feel-good story, I have to note that this has nothing to do with an Optimism Day, Week, Year, Epoch, or anything of the sort. It had to be said.

Here's the story - a reminder of where Giants' fans should really place their hopes in 2008. Augusta, baby. Augusta. This could be the lineup:

C: Jackson Williams
1B: Angel Villalona
2B: Nick Noonan
SS: Charlie Culberson
3B: Andrew Davis
LF: Thomas Neal
CF: Wendell Fairley
RF: Garrett Baker

SP: Madison Bumgarner
SP: Tim Alderson
SP: Waldis Joaquin
SP: Wilber Bucardo
SP: Jared Cranston

I couldn't remember who was going to be in the outfield, so I searched the site for "Augusta." This is what came up. It's basically the same damn thing I just wrote, but I'm going ahead because I don't feel like starting over. Dammit.

Fairley might start in instructional league and progress to Salem-Keizer in July. Thomas Neal might do the same. Other than the first four players on that list, it's still up in the air. But it seems pretty clear that the Greenjackets will have the most loaded prospect roster in recent memory.

Long story short:

2008 Giants + 100 losses = Damn. That was a miserable season. What's for lunch?

2008 Augusta Greenjackets + any sort of disappointment = Tears. Car bombs. Hostages.