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Open Gameday Thread, 3/30

Last game of the spring. My, how time flies when you're indifferent.

"You're Gonna Like These Kids" was the goal. "Hey, We've Constructed an Infield With Two 35-Year-Olds Who Are Actually Better Than the Two Kids Who Are Starting" was the result, though it doesn't really fit on a bumper sticker, and it would have been more awkward than the current slogan of "Gamer Gamer Hey!" Still, in a spring bereft of good news, it seems the team is going to get the bullpen right. Merkin will probably make it. Threets will probably make it. Sanchez will not be in the bullpen, and Hennessey won't be the closer.

Of course, the final cuts have yet to be announced, and we could be in for a Yaburiffic April. But having Merkin -- and to a lesser extent, Threets -- will give us some more reasons to watch the team. The offense is in the toilet, but we can all dream of a Wilson/Merkin late-inning lockdown that recalls vintage F-Rod and Nen.


edit: I'm famous now. You had a chance at a free autograph, and you blew it. The line starts to the left, and the honorarium is $5.