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The new rage: Eugenio Velez, potential third baseman. It's a counterintuitive move, as third basemen usually have a little bit of power, and Velez hits like Bill Mueller on a hunger strike. But if the goal is to sift through the young players and see who should stick around for the rebuilding process, the young players need playing time. Joe Crede, whose contract expires at the end of this year, would not help this goal. Please refer to this professionally made flow chart for further explanation.

Pros to starting Velez at third:

  • Gets Velez some at-bats
  • The Giants don't give up anything for Joe Crede
  • It's fun watching him run?
Cons to starting Velez at third:
  • There's about a 5% chance that Velez will ever hit enough to be a legit third baseman.
  • Squeezes at-bats from Kevin Frandsen once Omar Vizquel comes back.
  • Fields like a drunk and gloveless Ben Grimm.
I think the pro side has it. The real answer - wait, five months of offseason and Eugenio Velez is our best option at third? - is just spilt milk at this point. It isn't delicious cow's milk, either. It's best not to think about exactly what kind of milk it is.