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Open Gameday Thread, 3/28

A's v. Giants. You know those old people who just love being old? The ones that, like, write novels after they retire, take up kayaking, and dig volunteering for polling places? Those are the A's. Bear with me. Get the age part of the analogy out of your mind. It's all about acceptance. Billy Beane knew he had to rebuild. The A's accepted it, and they're content with the process.

The Giants are the old people who complain about everything, smell like VapoRub, and glare at everyone under the age of 30. They're miserable right now, they'll be miserable in five months, and they'll be miserable when their last rites are delivered.

Soon, the A's will be reincarnated into a bouncing baby boy! Or something. The Giants will wander around in purgatory for a couple of decades, and they'll complain the whole time.

This analogy got stale around the word "kayaking." My apologies. Enjoy the game, and don't forget to use your newfangled mingling powers to visit Athletics Nation and snoop on their Gameday thread.