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The Ugliness

According to Brian Murphy on KNBR, the fans at last night's Giants/Mariners game were a little boisterous. The empty seats meant that every voice could be heard, and the less-supportive fans were vocal with their displeasure in how the roster was constructed. Rich Aurilia snapped back at a few of them.

It's still March. It's still spring training. Ye gods.

I'm not sure if this is the Ghost of Seasons Future or the Ghost of Season Present. One exhibition game against the Mariners shouldn't be representative of how the season will go...but it seems pretty danged close to the way it will be. Seagulls. No offense. Boos. I really thought the uprising would have been a gradual thing.

So today's topic is booing, and I'll just open the conversation with my quick and dirty philosophy on booing: 95% of the time, the booing received by a particular player is really reserved for the general manager and/or manager. As in, hey, quit signing/trading for/playing these gimps, Person in Charge. That's why Marvin Benard or Jeff Brantley got the high hat from the fans -- it wasn't anything they did on a personal level, but they were constantly put in a position to fail by the folks at the top.

That written, I'm not a big fan of booing. Opposing players, especially Dodgers: That's a booin'. A Giants player who publicly proclaims his disgust with Giants fans: That's a booin'. Armando Benitez: You'd better believe that's a booin'. But it always seemed distasteful to boo Pedro Feliz for being Pedro Feliz. Maybe I'm just a big marshmallow, but I can't get into it.

Today's comment starter: Booing. Fer it, or aginn it?