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Community Projection: Brian Wilson

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It ain't all doom and gloom around here. Consider:

  • Not one Giants player has been arrested for drunken driving in Scottsdale. In the time it took you to read this, three cast members from "Lost" were arrested, including the polar bear. A big part of Warrior Spirit and Swagger involves knowing when to say when. Calling a cab involves more swagger than you think. Stagger, too.
  • Brian Wilson has looked like a dominant reliever so far.

Two -- two! -- positive notes about the 2008 Giants! Ah, ah, ah! That's all I can muster, but the last point is legitimately encouraging. Wilson has been throwing well this spring, and he's responsible for one of the cooler quotes of the spring:

I threw one fastball and I knew I had it," he said. "It doesn't happen often. You throw the first pitch where you want to and it's got some zing on it. There was no point in working on something else."

He pitched off the fastball in Sunday's televised game, and he was overpowering the back of the Angels' spring roster. That quote rattled around in my little brain after every fastball he threw. Dude can chuck it.. It's odd to think that Wilson wasn't a part of the Giants' present or future until the middle of last season, when he showed up and started throwing darts.

So here's to Brian Wilson, who will have a fine season as the Giants closer. Armando Benitez would have done well for himself if he took some time in the offseason to chill out in Amsterdam, Mia Wallace-style.

Brian Wilson

ERA: 2.44

IP: 62

K: 70

BB: 29

HRA: 4

S: 35 out of 41 opportunities

GU*: 409