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Open Gameday Thread, 3/16

I have a Padres-loving friend who has a gigantic man-crush on Jake Peavy. Sample conversation:

Me: So if you had the ability to give the 1994 Oscar for Best Picture to a movie other than Forrest Gump, would you err on the side of artistic innovation with Pulp Fiction, or would you reward the near-perfection of the Hollywood form with The Shawshank Redemption?

Him: Interesting question, though you can't just dismiss Quiz Show, either. The thing about Tarantino's impact is...

about two minutes later

...and that's how Jake Peavy helps glaucoma, which is what is missing from this whole medicinal marijuana debate.

It can be a bit much. But I started to develop a grudging respect for Peavy when he tried to throw fastballs by Barry Bonds in Bonds's final at-bat in Mays Field. Now Peavy gets on my good side even more with quotes like this about Matt Cain:

"Dude can pitch, man," said Peavy, the San Diego Padres' ace and defending Cy Young winner. "Do me a favor and tell him I like his style...."

Peavy respected Cain's role in BatFlipGate, too. So while my friend is still annoying when it comes to Peavy, it's about time to acknowledge that Peavy is growing to be one of those guys that you can't hate at a comfortable level.

I like my division rivals unlikeable, like Randy Johnson or Brad Penny, dammit.