Now that Football's over...Speculating about 2008...

This is me, so you know that it's going to be about the minors.

I've been thinking about what the upcoming season might hold...and this sparkling possibility came into my mind.


  1. SS Charlie Culberson
  2. CF Shane Jordan
  3. 2B Nick Noonan
  4. 3B Angel Villalona
  5. 1B Andy D'Alessio
  6. LF Thomas Neal
  7. RF Garrett Baker
  8. C Michael Ambort
  9. DH Sean Van Elderen
  1. Tim Alderson
  2. Madison Bumgarner
  3. Waldis Joaquin
  4. Wilber Bucardo
  5. T.J. Brewer
Three 95 MPH throwers to start the rotation, a star-studded infield of prospects, not to mention Thomas Neal and his talent coming back.  Not every name is one to get excited about, but that is a hell of a lineup to watch.  And the bullpen has a little bit to think about as well, with Dan Otero (Mr. No Walks) and Steven Edlefsen (Best slider in the draft) taking part.

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