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Did that plane just oink?

On August 4, 2003, I heard a Creed song that went like this: Hmm hmm hmm hmmm hm doo deedily doo. It wasn't that bad. Catchy riff, decent melody...not bad.

Just thought I'd share. That has no relationship to the rest of the column.

On February 22, 2008, I agreed with a Glenn Dickey column.. The headline: "Giants don't seem fully committed to youth." The conclusion: "...I think (Ray) Durham and (Dave) Roberts will be in the opening day lineup." Can't argue with either.

In the article, Dickey draws the parallel with the Cleveland Indians, a team that dove into the rebuilding process after the 2002 season. Their attendance went from 2.6M (5th in the league) to 1.7M. They eventually built a team that was one win away from the World Series, but their attendance was only 2.3M last season (10th in the league). The Giants are terrified about a similar drop off. Hey, it's understandable. Bad teams usually don't draw well. Forget for the moment that being terrified of following Cleveland's model is insane because CLEVELAND EXECUTED THEIR REBUILDING PLAN BETTER THAN ANY OTHER TEAM IN RECENT MEMORY. Ignore that to focus on attendance concerns.

So, if Dickey is right, and the Giants are going to start Durham and Roberts out of some box office paranoia, would it be because:

  1. Management really, truly, honestly believes that the difference between Frandsen/Lewis and Durham/Roberts is worth enough wins to make a difference in the standings, which would benefit the total attendance, or...
  2. Management thinks the fans won't accept a rebuilding lineup - that moving from Durberts to Franwis will keep people away from the ballpark. More so, even.
This is waaaay premature, I know. Spring Training has barely even started, so there isn't a good reason to gnash teeth over lineup moves that haven't been made yet. I'm pretty sure the answer is 1., but I wonder if management is out of touch with what Giants fans really want. It ain't just this grumpy dive bar of a blog, either. From KNBR call-in shows to and all points between, I would guess there's a 90%/10% split in favor of going young. Maybe I'm the one that's off, but it seems like a reasonable estimate to me.

Comment starter: Can you think of another reason other than 1. or 2.? Serious answers are what I'm fishing for, but silly answers will make the pain go away.