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Angry Blog Post

I had two choices. I could go with the fake spring training story, or sob about this article:

The Giants might be able to get Crede without parting with a pitcher like Jonathan Sanchez. Outfielder Fred Lewis is out of options and generated interest with several teams this winter.
Brilliant. Don't pay attention to the "might be able...without parting with...Jonathan Sanchez." That's scary enough, but the article keeps going. Fred Lewis for Crede?
Sabean: We have three players with an outside shot of helping the next good Giants team. Let's send one to AAA, think about benching one in favor of Ray Durham and Rich Aurilia, and trade the last one for a one-year rental.

Reporter: Nice. What do you call this strategy?

Sabean: The Aristocrats!

If I were you, I'd just do a Google search for "newspaper headline generator", and forget about this article. It worked well for me.