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Winter Meetings and the San Francisco Giants, Day II

A semi-fictional conversation:

Agent for Unnamed Player: Brian! Good to see you. How is Yorvit Torrealba working out for you?

Sabean: Uh, he hasn't been on our t...

Agent: Super, just super. Say, I have a client, and he really wants to pitch for the Giants.

Sabean: Well, I'll kick his tires just to be polite, but at the end of the day, I'm not sure we need another high-priced starting pitcher.

Agent: Oh, he isn't that high priced.

Sabean: Well, even so, we don't really want to tie ourselves down with a commitment. See, we are rebuffding. Wait. Resnoobeling. Dang it. What is that word...looks at 3x5 card from his pocket...ah, rebuilding. Man, paging Lewis Carroll. What a word.

Agent: My client doesn't want a commitment, either. One year and done. He wants to reach some milestones, and he'd love to do it close to his home.

Sabean: Yeah, but I'm done with that veteran thing. My sponsor would kill me. Plus, if your guy wants just a one-year deal, he must be pretty washed up.

Agent: Not at all. He had a pretty nice year in 2008. For example, Baseball Prospectus figures that he was worth about four or five wins more than Kevin Correia and your other assorted fifth starters.

Sabean: Baseball proboscises? Uh, they're called "seams", Alan. But we don't want to block our...uh, we're trying to avoid blocking.... Man, we don't really have a whole lot above AA, do we? Who in the heck is our fifth starter right now?

Agent: We aren't going to make up our mind for a while, but we just thought we'd let you know that we're interested if you are.

I'm trying to find any negatives with the Giants signing Randy Johnson, but I'm not having any luck. This is the ultimate "It's not my money"-scenario. He wants a one-year deal. He isn't blocking anyone who shouldn't be in AAA to start the season. He isn't going to cost the Giants a draft pick. He's still good. If he were to get hurt? Then go with the Randy-less rotation the Giants were planning on in the first place.

The only argument I can see: That's $5M or $7M or whatever that the Giants could put toward international signings or above-slot draft picks. It's a plausible argument, but that's probably not how the Giants' budget will work. Either they'll spend those millions on the major league payroll or they won't. The Giants spent a little more on international signings over the past couple of seasons, but they didn’t spend $14M more, which was the difference between the 2007 and 2008 seasons. They’re two different budgets, Tuckergate aside.

I’m in. I’m willing to stop watching HD broadcasts every fifth day. I’ll make that sacrifice. Will you?