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Minor League Coaching Staff for the 2009 San Francisco Giants Organization

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Fresno - AAA

Manager – Dan Rohn
Pitching Coach – Pat Rice
Hitting Coach – Hensley Meulens

Connecticut – AA

Manager – Steve Decker
Pitching Coach – Ross Grimsley
Hitting Coach – Garey Ingram

San Jose – High-A

Manager – Andy Skeels
Pitching Coach – Jerry Cram
Hitting Coach – Gary Davenport

Augusta – Low-A

Manager – Dave Machemer
Pitching Coach – Steve Kline
Hitting Coach – Lipso Nava

Salem-Keizer – Short-season A

Manager – Tom Trebelhorn
Pitching Coach – Brian Cooper
Hitting Coach – Ricky Ward

Arizona – Rookie League

Manager – Mike Goff
Pitching Coach – Mike Caldwell
Hitting Coach – Victor Torres

Fun facts: Brian Cooper was the player sent down when Matt Cain was called up, Mike Caldwell once had an awesome season for the Giants, Hensley Meulens actually hit a home run in the majors less than ten years ago, Steve Decker used to be one of the favorite prospects of Bill James, and Steve Kline used to be a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. That last one is true; look it up.

(All of the above information was found at MLN's "The Raw Feed")