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Another Cash Grab

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Now that a lot of the sponsorships are up and active on Baseball Reference, I'm moving this post to the head of the class while I work on today's post. If you sponsored a player or team, link to it!

You know, I’ve never even asked you for money. I work on my posts for at least five to seven minutes every day, and I just give my talent away. I’m not a rich man, but apparently I’m a ridiculously generous one.

At this time, I would like you to note that this never happened, and this was a figment of your imagination. And when I lost out on a college scholarship because you lazy, lazy readers didn’t work hard enough on my behalf, no one here thought to raise $8800 for me, so I'm totally justified in chewing you out. Oh, sure, people gave up money once to buy me a gift, and I never responded with anything but an unfulfilled promise to post pictures of all the loot I bought, but now you’re just being a lawyer about it. If you put aside all of those examples, I’ve never asked you for money.

So I thought I’d pick the right time to do so. With the economy humming along in great shape, and no sort of seasonal expense to speak of, I thought this was a perfect time to ask for your hard-earned money. C’mon. Give it up.

Not for me, of course, but for the fine people at It’s easy to take the site for granted, but, good gravy, this is the greatest site in the history of the internet. If you have ever read Alan Schwarz’s awesome book , The Numbers Game, you know what an arduous process it was to get the first Baseball Encyclopedia written. And now we have this amazing website to use and abuse. Not only that, but Sean Forman is working out the kinks on an update to the site, which will provide even more information. Ignore the glitches on the page, and marvel at the future of

Here’s a list of eligible players to sponsor, though by no means is it an exhaustive list. You can search around for your favorite player or team and see if they’re taken. I’ve put my money where my mouth is, and sponsored a player, so I’m only a partial hypocrite.


Clay Timpner
Tony Torcato
Calvin Murray
Felipe Crespo
Steve Hosey


Felix Rodriguez
William Van Landingham
Jose Uribe
Atlee Hammaker
Jim Davenport
Pat Misch
Eliezer Alfonzo
Ryan Rohlinger
Brian Horwitz
Steve Holm!
John Bowker
Jesse Foppert
Tyler Walker
Todd Linden
Jerome Williams


Jose Castillo
Neifi Perez!
Shawn Estes
The entire 1997 team


J.T. Snow
Rich Aurilia
Randy Winn
The entire 2002 team


Aaron Rowand
Vida Blue


Ray Durham


The entire 2008 team!


Willie Mays

Go one, go all. Help reward one of the demi-gods of internet baseball. This site would be even less informational without Imagine that....