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Link Dump

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Ah, an old-fashioned link dump. It's been too long.

  • Some sick freak wants to get Randy Johnson drunk and sleep with him. At least, that's how I read it.
  • Matt Palmer, we hardly knew ye. He's gone to the Angels on a minor-league deal. For some reason, this reminded me how I was sort of pleased that John Lackey became a really good pitcher. It would have stung a lot more if Lackey was the Angels' version of Jamie Brewington, only with a World Series win.
  • The Giants had a little interest in Chan-Ho Park? His comeback seemed like it was for real, but I can't understand why he'd want to move out of the bullpen. Still, he would have been a low-cost, medium-reward option as a fifth starter. Part of me is upset that the Giants missed out. A much larger part of me didn't want him dripping Dodger all over the clubhouse. That stuff stains.
  • A part of me that is larger than that aforementioned larger part of me is really, really glad the Giants didn't succeed in their efforts to acquire Khalil Greene (hat tip: MLB Trade Rumors).
  • Somehow I missed this, but FanGraphs had a nice post last month about Jonathan Sanchez, breakout candidate.
  • Xanthan gave the abacus treatment to Bobby Howry a couple of weeks ago. Interesting stuff. I'm digging how Sabean attacked the bullpen this offseason.
  • The Giants have been more active in the Rule 5 draft over the past few years, as they took a player in the major league portion of the draft for the second straight year after not taking anyone since Felix Escalona in 2002. Dick Tidrow talks up the draft's potential with the USA Today. There was probably a shiny, colorful graph about the draft in the print edition.

This is an open link dump thread. Use it to link to anything, baseball related or not. If you've been sitting on a video of, oh, two giraffes fighting, now's the time to use it.