Which Giants Player Will Have a Breakout Season in 2009?

During the 2008 season many prospects of the SF organization had an opportunity to realize their dreams of playing in the major leagues .  The Giants promoted the kids from Fresno, Connecticut and even San Jose.

Infielders Brian Bocock, Manny Burriss, Eugenio Velez Travis Ishikawa and Pablito Sandoval saw action. Kevin Frandsen was on the DL most of the season and returned to have a successful stint in the AFL. Newly signed Jesus Guzman will be given an opportunity to win a job in 2009.

Outfielders Freddie Lewis and John Bowker brought some cheer to Giants fans. Nate Schierholtz is ready for his close-up.

Pitcher Jonathan Sanchez finally became a mainstay in the rotation.  Relievers Sergio, Sir Alex Hinshaw, and Osiris Matos made their debuts. 

Which SF Giants player will have a breakout season in 2009? I believe Billy Sadler will be able to find his command and will have a huge breakout season for the Giants.


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