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Winter Meetings and the San Francisco Giants, Day III

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What’s left:

  • Assorted goofs with a bat but no glove who would cost a lot of money.
  • Assorted goofs with a bat but no glove who would cost a lot in trade.
  • One goof with a bat and a glove who would require a ridiculous, 8- to 10-year contract.
  • Young, MLB-ready position players with power! All we would need to do is trade Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner.

All of this rosterbation has me chaffing. At the end of the night, I’m willing to go home with something that looks like Randy Johnson and call it an offseason. I’ll hate myself in the morning, but at least I didn’t get down on one knee and get myself into something for which I wasn’t prepared.

So here is where we stand:

Giants fine with youth at infield corners

Team underwhelmed by trade offers for third basemen

I’m sold. No Burrell clomping around first. No Dunn running around left field with pants full of granite. No Sanchez-for-Cantu nightmares. No Sanchez-for-Encarnacion nightmares. No pipe dreams involving Adrian Beltre coming over for Jack Taschner and a pack of Rolos that Larry Baer sat on. This is the team. This is our 2009.

Oh, some people aren’t happy. Take the post-article commenters from Please.

if sabean doesnt make soemthing happen NOW, next season is already overr. unless he gets 2 solid hitters to put in the middle of the order they dont stand a chance.
Put Pablo at third and let Travis and Bowk fight it out for the job at first, then platoon them, letting them fight it out all season. Outfield? Dump Rowand and give Velez a shot at CF.
CHRIST, SABEAN---WAKE UP!!! Run, do not walk, to Kevin Towers' hotel room right this minute and don't leave until you've landed (Adrian) Gonzalez!
the giants should offer cc a90 mill contract then tell him that after the next season they will raise his contract to over 100 mill

When people complain that McCovey Chronicles is elitist, sometimes I worry that they’re right. Other times, I think, "Well, good." This is one of those other times.

For years, some of us clamored for youth. We’re getting it. For years, some of us wanted Brian Sabean to be more creative with minor league free agent sluggers. The top name in the free bin, Josh Phelps, has a clear path to a bench job, if not a platoon role. So it’s time for this vocal, youth-clamoring, minor-league-free-agent wanting minority to scream our begrudged acceptance from the rooftops.

I’m okay with the team as-is. It isn’t a contender unless a ton of things break the Giants way,but it isn’t a team that ‘s going to hamper a rebuilding process, either. Maybe Travis Ishikawa and Josh Phelps combine for 30 homers, and that’s one less question for next offseason. Maybe Pablo Sandoval is an average fielder at third, and that’s one less question. I’m okay with 2009 being a let’s-find-out season before possibly jumping into the 2009-2010 free agent market with both feet.

The rosterbation was exciting for a while, but I’m done. Tapped out. Forget it. Now Frandsen, now Phelps, now Ishi and Pablo. On Affeldt, on Burriss, on Hinshaw and Romo. No more crazy trade scenarios. No more wacky free agent yearning.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for my "What would it take to get Dan Uggla and Ben Sheets????"-post. Because, brothers and sisters, that would be a monster team.