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Amelia Marie Brisbee

8 lbs., 9 oz. -- 20.5 inches



Me: You picked the name for the cat, so I get to pick the name for the baby.

Wife: Wait, but you picked out the cat's name, and...

Me: Shhhhh. We could argue all day about who named the cat Hitchcock in the middle of his or her movie-nerd phase, but that wouldn't get us anywhere.

I have some ideas for the baby, but they're, like, double names. You know, first and middle name together. I just like the sound. I've narrowed it down to two.

Wife: Mmm-hmm.

Me: First suggestion: Mary.

Wife: Well, that's okay, though...

Me: Middle name: Chelle. Like, an abbreviated Michelle. I just like the sound.

Wife: Mary Chelle Brisbee.

Me: It just pops, doesn't it?

Wife: No. Next suggestion.

Me: That's alright; it was my second choice. My first choice is Lindsey.

Wife: Hmm, I'd be open to...

Me: Middle name: Come.

Wife: Lindsey Come Brisbee?

Me: A little unconventional, sure, but...

Wife: No, don't worry. It's on the short list. It sounds nothing like a porno name, and it's entirely appropriate. Plus, you know that I've been hoping of some awful bastardization of a Giants player's name for the name of our child. Before we knew it was a girl, you suggested "Al Drete" and "Uribetu Thompsontu Clark Brisbee"...

Me: That last one just sounded so worldly...

Wife: You're just a huge help in this name selection process. I can't even begin to describe how much of a help you are.

Me: Thanks!

Wife: Can you go outside and check the mail?

Me: Sure!

goes out front door

sound of deadbolt latching

Regular posting will resume soon. After, say, my second hour of sleep within a 72-hour time frame.