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Travis Denker gone...

...according to some know-nothing blogger posting from his mom's basem...

Wait, the blogger was Paul DePodesta? Dang.  And Denker is off the 40-man-roster on the Giants' site.

Genius roster move by Sabean. Second basemen with patience and power grow on trees, while no-defense, no-offense, PED-lovin' catchers are rare, special treasures that should be protected by any means necessary before free agents like Omar Vizquel file for free agency. (Edit: Eliezer Alfonzo was removed from the 40-man too, so this point is bunk....)

Maybe there's an explanation. Maybe these were "revocable" waivers. Maybe Travis Denker intentionally killed an osprey with a baseball. Maybe.

But the "Sergio Romo-Accidentally-DFA'd-OMG-WUT"-thread was just so much fun that I had to put this on the front page.

(Edit II: Something we're not thinking about is that the organization will need to protect folks from the Rule 5 draft. I'll try and work up a list of who would be eligible. Thanks to  Andrew Baggarly for pointing that out. Still, the outrage is both amusing and nourishing.)