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Former Giant Goose Gossage was elected to the Hall of Fame today. He joins Giants greats like Steve Carlton, Duke Snider, and Warren Spahn.

If Gossage didn't hit the cockpit canopy after ejecting during a mock Naval dogfight with George Gervin, he'd still be alive today, so this must be extra sweet for his family.

Keeping in mind that I'm more of a "big Hall"-guy than one who thinks only the greatest of the great should get in, here's my top-10 list of eligible players who should be in the Hall:

  1. Ron Santo
  2. Mark McGwire
  3. Tim Raines
  4. Bert Blyleven
  5. Bobby Grich
  6. Alan Trammell
  7. Lou Whitaker
  8. Ted Simmons
  9. Jack Morris
  10. Jim Kaat
I spent about five minutes making this exact list, but the names have all been there in some inexact order for a while. My crazy theory is that if Santo had started his career at the age of 25 and gone until he was 39, he would have been in decades ago. McGwire is getting jobbed because of Claude Rains-inspired hilarity. Tim Raines is getting jobbed because of ignorance and Rickey Henderson. Just because the Beatles were the Beatles doesn't mean the Kinks weren't a legendary band, dammit.

Those are the only three that I'm really passionate about, but a case can be made for all of the ten. Since the HOF is an independent organization from MLB, I'd also put Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson in.

Your HOF-picks, if you would....