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The glass-half-full crowd, the glass-half-empty crowd, and the glass-is-filled-with-liquid-4th-outfielders crowd can all agree on one thing: This is probably not the roster with which the Giants start the 2008 season. There will be moves. Minor? Major? That's still a guessing game, but we can all agree that something will happen.

I used to think that the Giants were going to make minimal changes. A Feliz here, a Tony Clark there - moves that I wouldn't necessarily agree with, but moves that really wouldn't make much of a difference.

I've seen the light. I've figured out what Brian Sabean is going to do:

To the A's:

Sam LeCure
Daniel Dorn
Calvin Medlock
Fred Lewis

To the Reds:

Noah Lowry

To the Giants:

Huston Street

Your heart just skipped a beat, didn't it? It makes too much sense. The Giants don't want any crummy ol' prospects. They want major leaguers for Noah Lowry, consarnit. And if they're going to contend on the strength of their pitching, why wouldn't they go after a proven closer?

The A's wouldn't really want Lowry - their rebuilding plan is a three-year plan, if not more. Of course, Lowry straight up for Street is unfair. So the Giants would have to kick in a young outfielder to the A's. Lewis would compete for the spot vacated by Nick Swisher.

Open roster move prediction thread. You don't have to name specific players; it could be as simple as "Sabean makes Dave Roberts disappear." Or you could concoct a frightening three-way trade scenario that trades one of our more marketable trade chips for something that should be a luxury on a complete team.

edit: Because I'm a moron, I didn't notice that Calvin Medlock is now in the Tampa Rays' system. I picked three non-elite prospects from the Reds' system at random to make a point, not because I thought they would be specific players that would get a deal done. Instead of Medlock, I choose...uh...Misael DeJesus.